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(Archived) Apple .numbers files don't update when attached and modified in a note



I want to use apple numbers spreadsheet to keep track of my work time for each project (a timesheet) but it doesn't seem to work. This is what I do : 


- I created a numbers 09 compatible file with the current (new) version of Numbers (as the new file format is not currently supported by evernote)

- I add it to the note

- I sync and then I am able to find the file in the note when reading it from another computer or device

- I made changes to the document and save it

- I sync and then the modification can be seen on the computer I used to apply the changes to the file, but I cannot see the changes when reading it on another device. I always display the .numbers file as if it was not updated.


I have tried the exact same scenario with an excel file and it is working fine... What is the problem with the .numbers file ?


Thank you for your help.

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