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I have an email with 4 or 5 pdf files attached which I forward to Evernote for reading later. The Evernote note has all the pages of all the documents exploded at the bottom of the note - literally 10s of pages down there. It's a nightmare trying to find the 3rd document etc etc.

Apple mail has an option of 'view as icon' - and it would be much more convenient to have the attachments show up as icons with the filename at the bottom of the note.

So could we have a 'view as icon' option in the right click on a pdf file? Pretty please?

(I think I might have moaned about this before - for which I apologise but reiterate the request.)

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Please add this feature to MAC client.

I use ever note for GTD, and sometimes I attach multiple PDFs to a single note. I only use MAC client and lack of viewing PDFs as icon's in MAC client is very annoying. Is there any plan to add this feature to MAC client?

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