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(Archived) Please start fixing the many buglets in the Evernote editor

Harry Slaughter

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I've been using Evernote for about 4 years (on Winblows and Linux (Nixnote)). 


You continue to add new features, but you continue to neglect the basic editor.


I've gotten used to most of the bugs, but it would be wonderful if Evernote could function as well as any other simple HTML editor (like this WYSIWYG editor you use in forums).


Just a few of the nuisances:


* bulleted lists don't pad between the bullet and the text

* simplify and remove formatting don't work on selected text, but the whole note

* indentation not consistent. mystery indents appear for no reason

* no options for simple formatting of tables (setting column widths and so on).



Don't get me wrong, I love Evernote and rely on it. I'd just rather see the editor working properly than new features I don't need being added. 

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I'm guessing its not an insignificant job to rewrite (or buy) a note editor that will work effectively across different platforms.  (- And yes I know they exist,  but we don't know how long it took 'em to get that way!)


It'll be in a queue somewhere getting done - eventually - but meantime I thoroughly agree with you!

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Yeah, if I had a company called Evernotes  I would have been sure solid, cross platform, editing/formatting was designed in from day one.  Alas, the longer they wait to do something about it, the harder it will be to fix. But, we will have to patient and wait... we are trapped now  ;)

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