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(Archived) Use Evernote on same machine with several logins



Hi there,


This is thorny, as I think it may have been answered somewhere but I can't find it. Every time I search for an answer, I find a ton of forum posts about multiple Evernote logins, not multiple user accounts on the computer.


I have one Mac with a couple of different logins, one personal and one for the business I run. My Evernote accounts spans my work and personal life and I'd like to access it from both logins, without it taking up twice the space on my computer.


How can I do this? I can't see how to change the location of the Evernote database in Preferences, otherwise I could just put it into the Users/Shared folder.


Thanks in advance! 

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In the Windows client you have the option to save the database in a different location.  Provided you have no local (non-synced) notebooks,  the trick may be to uninstall your version(s) of Evernote and then reinstall it,  making it available to both profiles in the process (if that's possible on a Mac).  If you do have local notebooks,  make sure you export and re-import them.  In any case keep a backup!!

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Don't think that would help - in Windows,  checking Tools and Options shows you the folder where the local database is kept.  From other posts around here it appears that Macs hide their files away in different locations...

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