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(Archived) (Archived) Does Evernote search the content of .doc or .docx files?

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I have been trying out the free version of Evernote and I like it.

I know the free version searches the content within a .pdf. I know I can attach word documents in the premium version, but before upgrading to premium, I wanted to make sure they also are searchable. (both on Evernote for Mac and Windows)


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No, we do not include code to parse all of the MS Office formats in each of our clients in order to search those document types. If you print to PDF and then put the PDF into Evernote, we will process and search that document, but not the native Office document itself.

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Any plans to include code to parse DOCs and DOCXs? I keep all my lecture and reading notes in these formats because they're easier to work with when I'm writing papers (and they have a lot more formatting possibilities). Even a fairly rough text transliteration without formatting would be highly useful.

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