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(Archived) Newbie Question - Evernote for Windows

Alex I

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I usually take notes using bullets (outline format). I start with a date, hit enter, indent, add a subject matter, hit enter, indent and add my info. The issue comes when I start a new line for a new subject matter or date. I cannot reduce indent the new line without It 'reduce indenting' my previous bullet along with my current line. (I hope I explained that sufficiently).


I could do this without issue in MS Word, OneNote, etc, so i'm thinking it's something simple I'm doing wrong. 

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Nope,  it's just that Evernote's editor has a style and attitude all its own.  You could either amend your style to suit the editor,  or find an app that will capture your layout and either cut/ paste into Evernote or save the note and attach it to an Evernote.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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