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(Archived) Just wasted a complete afternoon


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I mark up a multi-page pdf, then try to drag. NO good - it simply won't drag.


So, no problem, export as pdf instead. I do that, all appears to work properly, but much later the same afternoon after doing several documents the same way, I go to the folder I exported them to, and it's completely empty.


So I think, lets try emailing it to myself. Again. no damn good; it just gives me the spinning wheel and I have to force quit.


Now what?


Skitch 2.7, OSX Mavericks.

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I just posted a reply to your comment in another thread, but I'll post the same here. We'll need to get some info from you since I just tried every combination of Drag & Drop along with Export (old vs. new PDF, all PDF save options, etc) and did not have a single issue. 


I've turned this issue over to our QA Engineers. In the meantime if you could post your activity log from after you try saving/exporting we can try and figure out the cause. 

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As Joe requested, Can you please post your activity log, a sample of the PDF you are working with that failed for you, and any other useful information about your system or software that you run that may affect your file system. It sounds like you may have 2 separate things going on with the file export and email error, so let's look at just the file export issue first.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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