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Skitch Mac 2.7 has been released

Joe Lopez


Skitch Mac 2.7 has been released to the Mac App Store and for updating for the direct download version.  If you have the direct download we highly recommend you simply Update from within the app, or switch to the Mac App Store. You can also download Skitch 2.7 from http://evernote.com/skitch


The release notes for 2.7 are below, but I wanted to call out three important components to this release:

  • Updated markup engine - We did quite a bit of surgery on the engine which powers our Markup and Skitch overall should be speedier and more stable. One great aspect of this change is when running on Mavericks we are AppNap compliant meaning we'll use up less of your battery.
  • New Skitch branding - As you may have seen we've moved Skitch to a new brand and that means a new icon. We spent a lot of time working on the Mac icon and feel we have struck a balance between something that looks good and fits with a more modern look.
  • New toolbar and window UI - We made some changes to the toolbar and window UI in order to solve some usability issues (ex: grouping similar functions into the same place; such as the Evernote related functions) and to provide us with a future platform for adding new features.


Release Notes

  • 10.9 compatible
  • New app logo and branding for Skitch
  • Refreshed the Skitch app window to improve usability
  • Grouped all Evernote related functions (Login, Account Information, and Library)
  • Grouped all image output functions (Name, output file type, Drag Me, and image size)
  • Redesigned toolbar
  • Separated Color and Size selectors
  • Added ability to pin a sub-menu on the Toolbar to stay open
  • Updated Skitch Markup Engine which means better stability and performance
  • Lots of bug fixes
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Hi, Joe.


I'm really interested in the Jot Scribe stylus that's about to be released, but I want to use it to annotate PDFs in Skitch.  Do you know if this will be a possibility?  In any case, I guess its still a stylus, right, so still will be able to select tools and write.  Just won't have the alternate input suppression, etc, which is featured in Penultimate.




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@Sherpaaaaa - What version of Skitch are you running and where did you get the app from?


If you are running an older version and downloaded directly from Evernote.com then it might be trying to prompt you to upgrade. Upgrading will stop Skitch from bouncing.


It could also bounce if you tried to save and there was an error (such as your login credentials aren't valid) in which case you should check to see if there is a prompt waiting for you when click on the app.


Other than those two cases Skitch should not bounce in the dock. Skitch doesn't do anything else that would require your attention. 


If you downloaded Skitch from the Mac App Store, again the login issue could apply, or if it's an older version the Mac App Store may be attempting to quit Skitch and auto-update, though I've not seen that behavior before. 

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HI Joe,


I'm having the same problem, and it just started this morning. I've been upgraded for several days now and have used the latest version since the upgrade. Starting this morning when I used it, it's now bouncing a couple times every few minutes even though it's closed. I read your post above and there are no updates. I also signed out of my account and signed  in again to verify that it was not an account issue. There are no messages or popups or anything.

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I think you're asking about using a stylus on iOS, but just in case you really want to use one on a Mac (This is a thread for Skitch Mac not iOS) the answer is unfortunately you can't use a Stylus with Skitch Mac since the Mac does not have a touchscreen interface. This is true for any stylus.


However if your question is about iOS then the answer is yes you can use a stylus, but Skitch does not have any special support for them. So you can use a stylus for basic interactivity, but we don't have stylus specific code integrated to support any specific features. Ex: We don't have palm detection.

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Thanks, Joe.  Sorry I wasn't as specific as I should've been, but you've answered my question.  Even after I asked it, I figured Skitch on iOS would accept input from any stylus, but I'm glad you clarified about palm detection, etc.  I'm still interested in the Jot stylus because of its fine point, but based on your answer, the Bluetooth function on the stylus just wouldn't be necessary for Skitch work.


No other comment necessary.  Thanks loads.

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For the folks who are seeing a bouncing icon have you tried restarting your Mac? Another user was seeing the same issue (see thread here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/46738-skitch-is-not-open-but-icon-wont-stop-bouncing-in-the-dock/) and a simple restart made the problem go away.


Skitch doesn't do anything that would require your attention, unless you're syncing with Evernote while simultaneously quitting in which case it prompts you to let it finish. This could be an issue with OS X due to the new way they do auto-upgrades and check.

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