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(Archived) Default color not available in 2.7 anymore


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@Arnaud86 - Skitch does not let you set default colors. When you change the color and leave the app running it will remember your last used color, but we do not set persistent default colors. We're looking into a design option to allow for finer color and size control by tool as this is a an advanced feature that power users have been asking for. 

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I have a similar issue, and Joe directed me here.  


Regarding the app keeping the color selection as long as you don't close the app - mine does not do that.  As I switch between skitches, it keeps resetting back to pink for each different skitch.  

For instance, today I had six screenshots of an app to markup.  I opened Skitch, selected the first screenshot (I had already saved it to Skitch from my phone), changed the color to blue, the line size to one step below medium, and marked it up.  Then I clicked the button that looks like four little squares to view all my Skitches, and selected the next screenshot.  The color was back to pink and the line size was back to medium, so I changed it again.  I had to re-do that for each of the six screenshots.

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@Arnaud86 - Skitch might have carried over the color setting from capture to capture, but there was no way to set a specific color as the default. That's a requested feature and as I said something we're looking into designing for advanced users. 


@bgilly - I think you found a bug that made it out. Color state should be retained for the last used color between captures. 

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Also, in the prior version it would default to the selector tool last used. For example, I prefer the rectangle/box selector. Now, each time I use the app, it defaults back to the arrow.


So my personal experience is that the new version is less valuable and satisfying than the old version.


That is not how software upgrades should evolve.


Please fix it?



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@JoeLopez I'm a heavy Skitch user (5-10 times/day) and the previous version definitely kept your color choice between sessions.  Now each time I close/restart skitch it defaults back to that pink color.  


Previously it defaulted to whatever color I had selected last.  I use the same color for everything since it matches our company branding, now I have to reset it each time.  


It's pretty frustrating when you use the tool all the time.  I hope you guys fix this and take the default functionality back to the previous incarnation, it was much more useful that way.

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