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View attachments inline bug in new evernote update with mavericks



After updating  OSX Mavericks and Evernote, new notes created with attachments no longer have the option to and cannot be viewed inline. I really hope this gets fixed soon as I depend on Evernote for school, and viewing attachments inline makes life so much easier. 


Curious if anyone else has experienced this problem? 



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I am having the same problem with the Mac App Store version of Evernote 5.4.3 on Mavericks 10.9


Word docs both in the .doc and .docx formats as well as iWork .pages format will not show up as inline documents. In fact, when you right click the attachment the option to "View As Attachment" or "View Inline" is completely missing now. PDF files do not seem to be effected, they work fine as inline or standard attachments. 


I know my files and notes are okay, because I also have the same version of the files and Evernote on another Mac that is still on Mountain Lion 10.8.5 and the option for inline attachment exist and works perfectly. So in short, when in Mavericks the same note with same attachments can't show inline documents while that same note in Mountain Lion shows the inline documents just fine.


Any help, suggestions, or just plain fixing it will be greatly appreciated!  :)


I LOVE Evernote and I rely on this feature a whole heck of a lot! Evernote is my digital brain and I feel like I'm having a few misfires lately without it.  :wacko:   ;)


Thank you in advance!

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I am experiencing the same issue. My situation is described perfectly by Agaethon above. I also have Mac App Store version of Evernote 5.4.3 on Mavericks 10.9 and have the same experience with .doc and .docx files. I haven't tried iWork files, but I also have no problems with pdf files.

As a student, the ability to view Word attachments inline is a very important feature of Evernote. Not having that capability degrades the user experience for my purposes. Thanks.

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Last week I submitted a support ticket and emailed back and forth with a few tech support people and they say that the Mac development team is aware of the bug and will be addressing it in a future update.


This is what the said: "Please keep your eye out for an updated version. The Mac team pushes out new releases as new features and bug fixes are added. The Inline issue may not be in the next release, but it should be updated soon."


So at least they know about it and it'll be addressed. 


To the Evernote support team, thanks for being so responsive!

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What this issue ever resolved? I am using Evernote 6.0 for the Mac App Store. There is no option to view Word docs inline. I am also unable to view Pages docs or others formats inline. Only PDFs are showing up inline.



So I guess it's never been addressed by Evernote - almost a year later, that's disappointing... A few weeks after that last post from me, I jumped ship on the Mac App Store version of Evernote and went with the download version from the site, worked like a charm and never looked back. Actually made it a point to have everyone in our company (we have Evernote Business) do likewise. Aside from that bug not being an issue, the download version seems to get updated a bit faster because it doesn't have to go through Apple's approval process. Hope that helps!

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Mac App Store release is out!


Jack, is this an update to Ver 6.0?

Many users are reporting major issues with App Store Ver 6.0, like changing the Title to "untitled" when the note is clicked on.


EDIT:  I just checked the Mac App Store, and it is showing Ver 6.0


Sorry, but I recommend against updating to Ver 6.0 due to the number of issues being reported by users.

Losing the Note Title is a MAJOR issue, IMO.

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