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Still can't sign in :(


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Thank you, and sure!

I open skitch by clicking the icon, then click "sign in".  I then fill out the user name and password, and click the sign in button, and the error above shows up.  I have tried to delete both Evernote and Skitch and reinstall, and I have them working on my iPhone, iPad and they were working on my PC.  I switched from PC to MAC about a month ago,  so am fairly new to this system - maybe there is a set up file or something that I'm not fully uninstalling to get this error to clear.

I had the same issue in Mountain Lion and the previous version of Skitch two weeks ago, and the issue looks exactly the same with Mavericks and Skitch 2..

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Can you do me a favor and after you try and log in (and it fails) do the following:

  • Open up Skitch and skip the sign in
  • Go to Help
  • Click on Activity Log
  • Copy and paste the contents into this forum post, or send them to me in a private message. 
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