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Maps in Evernote 7

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Hi, I just been talking with costumer support and i was advise to inform the forum about my problem with the new version Evernote maps:

Last week i’ve upload to Evernote 7, and the main feature that made me become a Premium Costumer, was changed, I’m talking about the Map function. I'm in Sales and each note represents a costumer and if i want to go to a specific area, by looking at maps i could see the other notes and easily decide my daily costumer visiting route.  Yesterday I was a bit more satisfied because this feature was updated  to ipad, but the map display that is provided is too small to see the notes and i can't have a over view of the notes like i did with the previous Evernote version.

In Portugal we have a saying that goes like this: if the team is playing wonderfully we are not gonna mess up with substitutions! please bring this functionality back.


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A third party iOS APP may be useful to your customer visiting arrangement with map solution:  


It offers

-Map of selected notebooks (either one of your customer notebooks or all of your customer notebooks)

-Show content of each note when clicking on the pin of the map

-Zoom in and zoom out on map

-Driving/Walking direction to the note's address

however, you need to input specific geo tag of g:/address for each note

It will be like below


If you think this could be helpful, welcome to download.  It is free.  

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I have almost the same problem, I'm in sales and have been using Evernote more and more and I love it. But I have a large list of prospects I need to visit in person and I'm looking for a way to get driving directions from with in the note I have for each prospect. I want to be able to enter the address of each prospect within their note and then simply open the note of the next prospect I want to visit and get driving directions to their location from within the note. Now with Atlas I can see where I was when I updated/created the note but changing the home location of a note doesn't work very well and Go Later might be a solution but it's more of a crappy hack and their English is worse than my Chinese.  Seems like there should be an elegant solution. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, citizen55555: 


We hear your commend about GoLater, and would like to improve it.  Thank you for your commend and wish you could give us some concrete advice through info@esast.com.   We are sorry for our English that makes you feel awful and decide not to adopt.   We wish the language defects won't be the reason that a practical APP, may be really helpful, to be shut out of the doors.  The idea of GoLater is from our experience, in fact, also sales, and our love to travel .   


We know some people don't like g:/address idea, because they feel this will mess up their tags in Evernote.  We have ever thought about to let the address filled in some invisible field on Evernote that can be input from GoLater on iPhone only, but feel this will let GoLater users no longer enjoy the convenience to enter an address on Web Clipper or Evernote desktop interface, unless we can have Evernote support to add the address field on the formal interface, and open the field access to 3rd party.   


Another way is to let people input the g:/address in the note body and GoLater scans the text to find out the location. We feel this will slow down the process and increase users bandwidth & storage consumption.   


This is why we choose the crappy hack as you say.  


If you can tolerate the crappy hack that you will have g:/address tags grouping in the tag list, I sincerely invite you to try GoLater.   You may find Notebook Maps very useful to put different kinds of customers in various categories, and you can also arrange a trip across various notebooks. 


Still... sincerely hope that you don't shut GoLater out, and give it a try.  If there's something needed to be improved, including wording, welcome to drop a mail to us.   I believe all the people here have better English than us, and all of your help will be very appreciated.  


Thank you for your reading to this reply, and we sincerely wish to hear any advice from you. 

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