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(Archived) Request: Display nested tags



The handy feature of nesting tags is useless if we don't see the tags nested when we click on the little tag icon in the desktop version (which just shows you a list of tags organized alphabetically). 


- Show them nested there as well!


- Show tags that are nested on the mobile versions (iOS) as well!


We're supposed to use tags but when we organize them the organization is all lost when actually using the notes (on the desktop within a notebook as well as on mobile)!


Really looking forward to more attention on the organizational part of our external brains and not just on products and markets and brands....


Keep up the good work!




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I think there might be a teensy technical issue with showing nesting on all the clients that Evernote support - I'm sure they'd like to,  but you might have to wait for the platforms to catch up...


I really don't think it's a technical issue, you can program "anything" from the simplest app to the most complex app using objective-c, it probably is more of a priority issue, usability/consistency/workflow vs. products/brands/sales

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Another really important feature I miss a LOT on apple versions of EN is to allow the view of notes Categorize: by Notebook, when inside the Notes view.

It's extremely necessary when checking all the notes inside a specific tag once you have notes separated in different Notebooks. Without this view, it's all just a mess... It's lacking both on OS X and IOS while the versions for Android and Windows are a step ahead.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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