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(Archived) Restore exb from an older version after I created new notes in 5


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Here is my situation, last year I was laid off of my job and was not able to access my computer before being escorted out. I was running version 4.x and the databases were being run from my external hard drive that I had. The POS boss did not know that and he must have turned it off or something and somehow because I had Evernote running he was able to get onto my computer and he deleted all of my notes. I did not think of it until about a week later and when I signed in online I had nothing.


So long story short, they returned my external hard drive and I saw that the exb databases were still there and dated the day I was walked out and with substantial size. The entire Evernote folder has 329MB of files and the exb is 95MB so there must be some data in there. I have since created new notes on a version 5 and when I discovered that I had the old database I tried to do the recover by copying, exporting, disconnecting from network, and with it telling me that there were no notes but read the old work email address as signed in. I now realize that it may be because of the different versions. Is there something that I can do to get my old notes from the exb and put them in my new notebooks?


Sorry this was so long but was trying to explain the whole situation.


Thank you in advance...



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Hmmn.  My guess would be:


  1. make coffee
  2. backup everything from your current (new) database just in case (search here for more information)
  3. export your current database (notebook by notebook if necessary) to ENEX (which doesn't preserve source notebook information)
  4. uninstall Evernote 5
  5. install Evernote 4 (search here for sources)
  6. log in to your account and see whether you get your current notes back (you should)
  7. replace the existing EXB file with your original EXB and see whether you can see the notes
  8. Upgrade the synced 'old' account to 5
  9. Import your recent notes from (2) above because they've probably been overwritten by this stage
  10. drink coffee

If it all went sadly wrong,  

  1. uninstall everything.
  2. reinstall Evernote 5 (yes,  again)
  3. sign in and wait for the sync to complete
  4. replace the EXB file with the one you created in 2 above
  5. wait for the sync
  6. make more coffee...

You might want to wait until someone else checks in and sanity confirms my process should work - hey,  you might even send in a support request (see below).  Good luck whichever!

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