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How to know when did EN last sync?


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After the latest update, 'activity' is not showing last synced time. What to do now?


It works for me.  Just checked it on my PC & my Surface Pro 2.  This is in the regular Windows desktop app, not the Touch version, which I rarely use.

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Didn't realise this before,  but Activity details seem to vary between the free and the paid for accounts.  My working version is a premium account but I just switched to a free one I use for other things,  and I get exactly the same advert. Free accounts seem only to allow you to see the activity in shared notebooks (which is pretty useful if you do that sort of thing) but premium accounts will show all activity all of the time.  So it seems my first answer was wrong - you can only use the radar dish if you're a premium user!


I can't think of another way to see a good summary - there's an Activity Log which you can open under the Help menu in Evernote - that'll get a bit technical,  but if you have the patience to read between the jargon it should help.  The other way would be to go into List view and check the sync column - sort it both ways (click on the heading) to make sure there are no dots in that column - that at least confirms your notes are fully synced (notes in local notebooks don't sync).


And a belt-and-braces thing - make sure you manually sync before and after you make any changes.


I'd say it's worth raising this as a support request,  because sync is such an important issue that it seems a sad lack that free users appear to have no simple way to check that it's working correctly - developers please note!!


Please also note

  1. I criticised Evernote! - lots of people here seem to think we're only around to say "Evernote is great";  and
  2. This is a 'nice to have' so unless someone thought of this already the situation isn't likely to change anytime soon,  and
  3. There is probably a completely easy way to do this that I haven't thought of and someone is going to make me look very dumb,  very shortly...


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Thanks for the tip - I never had a good reason to click on the Satellite Icon.

But after reading your post, as a Premium user, I found the last sync option which is cool.

The satellite icon can replace my constant F9'ing (F9 button = sync) and let me if I have waited too long for a sync.

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