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(Archived) Cannot delete a note I created in a Shared Notebook

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In trying to document my research in finding a solution for excluding Shared Notebooks in search (http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/14632-feature-request-exclude-notebook-from-search/?p=236195), I didn't realize I still had a shared notebook selected and inadvertently created a new note. This new Untitled Note now sits in this shared notebook, and I cannot delete it.


I understand there is some design decisions around sharing notebooks that restrict some operations (tags, etc.) but if I create a note, shouldn't I then be able to delete that note? Why is the Delete button active?


Is this a bug?

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Hi.  Is your issue the fact that you

  • created the note?
  • can't delete it?
  • have an active delete button that doesn't work?

 - If you are adding a note to someone else's notebook,  you will get editing permissions but not deletion.

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