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(Archived) Questions Regarding Exporting and Using AFTER Premium Expire

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Hi Folks:

I'm strongly considering purchasing the Evernote Premium.

I have three main questions/areas of concern:

1. Does anyone know if Evernote is planning on improving their export feature? I'm beginning work on my PhD and will likely be putting several thousand clips, references, etc. into it.

2. I would likely be using the premium version for the next 2 to 3 years. If I then allow it to revert to a free account, will I still be able to view/export attached documents that aren't allowed in the free version (that is, say I have a .doc document. Will I be able to open it in the free evernote version - I know I won't be able to save new .docs). I just don't want to put all that work into Evernote and then not be able to access it after I finish and allow the Premium membership to expire.

3. If new versions of Evernote come out while I'm a premium account holder, are upgrades free?

Thanks for any info.


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1. What improvements are you looking for? You can currently get notes out in several different formats. Windows includes HTML export, and we plan to add this to the Mac. Many other formats don't handle all of the different data you can stuff into Evernote (audio, PDF files, etc.), but I think that HTML-with-referenced-files is probably the best option if you want to lose the least data in the export.

2. If you put in a .doc file when you're Premium, and then cancel back to Free, your notes will still be in the account, and will sync back and forth just fine. You'll be able to edit the text/title/etc. around the file attachment, but you won't be able to edit the attachment itself. I.e. you can open it and view it, but you won't be able to save changes back into Evernote.

3. We have a "service" business model, so the software is updated for everyone without any charge. We may continue to add more cool features to the service that are only available to Premium users ... e.g. the file attachment feature was for Premium accounts only, although a bit of that functionality extended down to allow Free accounts to edit images with external editors.

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