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(Archived) Places are grossly incorrect


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Tonight, when I viewed the new Places feature on my iPhone and iPad, I noticed many locations (including other countries) that I absolutely have not visited since using Evernote.


Then I checked the Atlas on the Mac and found the same issue -- except there are far fewer incorrect places on the Mac than are shown on the iOS devices.


Preliminary theory: Quite a few of the incorrectly "placed" notes contain images that were pulled off of the web. Those notes with images are always created on my Mac -- but are synced to my iOS devices. When we create new notes, is it possible that Evernote is puling and using location metadata off of the images, rather than using the location of the iOS device when the note was created?


Again what's interesting (or odd) is that Atlas in Evernote Mac (where the image notes are created) only shows a few bogus locations. But the iOS devices (to which the image notes are synced) show literally dozens and dozens of bogus Places.


So, the two platforms are parsing locations differently -- and neither is accurate at the moment.

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