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(Archived) Are admins the only ones that can create business notebooks?

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Hi all.


The company I work with just implemented Evernote for Business. I am able to access their Evernote through mine. I've been trying to create a Notebook for everyone (that should display in the Library), but all I seem to be doing is adding things to *my* own "business" notebook. I am not an admin. As the Content Manager, I am trying to create a notebook that will contain all of our content (new and past), and I don't want to create it in my notebook and then copy it over. Surely, there is a way to do this.


I tried to find this topic via search and was unable to find an answer. My apologies if this is a redundant question/topic.


Also, (Mac & PC user here), why can't I see the Library?


Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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From the file menu, choose New Notebook, select Business Notebook and call it Content (or whatever). It will automatically be added to your Community.


I don't think the library exists in 2.0.

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From the file menu, choose New Notebook, select Business Notebook and call it Content (or whatever). It will automatically be added to your Community.


I don't think the library exists in 2.0.


Thanks for the reply.


When I go to create a new notebook, I get "personal," "business," or "local." Nothing to indicate that it will be seen by the community. I have created notebooks (business), and it seems to me I had to share (or copy over) everything for people to see.


I just created a test business notebook, and it's not listed where the community could access it (and I can't see it on the company side either). I must be doing something wrong.

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Hi Sherree,


Not clicked on Metrodon's link so it may say the same.


The only step you are missing is once you have created the Business Notebook, you then need to right click it, select Share, then Share with the business name.


Individuals can then look at the Business Library and choose to Join that Notebook. The admin can also do the same for individuals.


Hope that helps.


Best regards



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Well, one correction to what Chris said -- users can only see the Library if they are using Evernote Web. The library view has been taken out of Evernote Business 2.0 in the Evernote Windows 5 client.


I have complained about this...but the response has been that Evernote thinks that removing the library is a "feature" because library notebooks show up in the Business Notebook list--where they showed up before, as well as showing up in the nice library view.


I wish they would bring it back :-(

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So this is what I learned. You can create a Business Notebook (under the Business name) on the web, in about 2 seconds. I still can't create an accessible business notebook via the Mac desktop app. They seem to default to "my" business notebooks.  I also could NOT share the notebook I did create on my Mac with the business. I could share it with people (email) or via a public link. 


Ms'behavin' - you're correct. The Library is on the web and not on the app. Too bad -- since I use the app considerably more than I use the web version.

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You can see any notebook that has been published to the business (business library) by going to the building icon in your Evernote app (your business name will be listed below it) and then clicking on the Business Notebooks area.  These notebooks that you see on this page will include all the notebooks that are published to the business as well as notebooks that you have access to (shared directly to you within the business.)  


In order to share a notebook to the business, it does have to be a business notebook. If you have a personal notebook that you want to publish to the business, you will first need to convert the notebook to a business notebook and then share it to the business. 

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