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Evernote / Skitch Process



I receive documents - pdfs as well as others, that I want to mark up on my Mac.

What is the process to do so? I've been playing around for a while, and haven't found an efficient process.

Here's my ideal:


  1. Click on an evernote note where I have an attached file -- either a .pdf or another file
  2. It opens that actual file, where i can then edit it in skitch
  3. after i edit in skitch, i save and the evernote file is updated
  4. i can then repeat as necessary to continue to add notes
  5. when i view later, see the skitch summary at the top of the file

Challenges I'm having: multiple files are being created, summary is not shown, unclear of where to save the file - in evernote / skitch, etc


Thank you for any info.

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You have two options, provided you are running the latest Evernote and Skitch apps.


Option 1 - Do everything in Evernote - You can Markup, and continue to Markup, a PDF in Evernote today. Simply find the PDF you want, and select Markup for that PDF (not the convert the note to a PDF). You'll be able to make any annotations and continue to update them as you please. One important thing, PDF Summary is currently not available in Evernote Markup. We're working to bring this functionality to Evernote.


Option 2 - Combo of Evernote & Skitch - Find the PDF in Evernote and select it (click on it) then Right Click and select "Open With..." and chose Skitch as the target. This will open the PDF inside of Skitch and let you annotate. When you save back to Evernote it will create a new Note (not replace the old one) which will be annotated and contain the Summary page. 


Important: Regardless if you chose Option 1 or 2, the PDF will become Markup enabled and you'll be able to edit the annotations with either Skitch or Evernote. It is just the Summary piece that is missing from the Evernote side right now while we're working on bringing that functionality over.

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