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(Archived) Clips not syncing through Firefox 3.0.8


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My webclips don't seem to sync with the website completely when using the newest versions of web clipper or the FF extension. On the website, I see the new tags coming in, but the clips themselves are not loading.

I'm connected through a proxy, but this doesn't seem to prevent the Windows desktop client from syncing properly. Not sure what changed recently on my end, but I'm quite sure the web clipper used to work before.

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So you clip with FF, it makes a note in your Windows client, and then this note doesn't appear in the service?

Did the clipped note go into a normal (Synchronized) notebook, or do you have any Local notebooks on your computer? If you had one of these selected when you clipped, the note wouldn't go to the service.

If this isn't it, try editing one of these notes and then hit the Sync button. Then double-click on the sync status message at the very bottom of the window to show the sync log. This may contain information about the attempt to sync that note.

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I am using Firefox 3.0.8 with the Clip to Evernote. I used it to add a number of notes yesterday and just noticed that none of them where saved.

If I select part of the web page and then use 'Clip to Evernote' it works.

If I enter something into the 'Add text' box the note is sort of saved, blank except for the text I entered.

If I just goto a web page and 'Clip to Evernote' and click the save button it says its saving but it does not.

I have gone to the web site to check my notes and also done a sync on the mac client. So it looks like a bug in using 'Clip to Evernote' with FF 3.0.8


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Try editing one of these notes and then Sync again. If the edit doesn't appear on the web service, please run the Mac "Console" application and look at the last dozen "Evernote" lines there for any error messages.


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