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(Archived) Search modifier "any:" on notebooks/stacks

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Is it possible to use the any: modifier on notebooks/stacks?


I am able to get it working on most types of data but it doesn't seem to care for notebooks/stacks. I need to be able to query across multiple stacks or notebooks if I have to.


An example is:

any:notebook:Development notebook:Helpdesk

This is on both Windows 5.0.2 and web version.


I've also noticed the web version simply doesn't like the "any:" modifier being typed in. I can see you can manually click and add the "any:" filter on the web version (which works) but I prefer to type than click.


Can someone let me know if:

  1. I'm doing something wrong
  2. These are intentional
  3. These are bugs


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This is by design. According to the Evernote search grammar document (and experience), you must put any scope modifier (i.e. "notebook:" or "stack:") as the first term in a search. The "any:" term must follow any scope modifier if one of those is used. After that, any of the normal search terms (e.g. literal text, "tag:", etc.) can follow in any order.

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