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(Archived) .WHEN tags not going into correct temporal hierarchy

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created ordinary .WHEN tags: !Daily, 1-now, 2-next etc. they don't go into proper order when notes are posted to a list e.g. 2-next 1-now !Daily instead of the other way around. 


Thanks for any help on this, if I can't prioritize tasks then EN is worthless to me.



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Are you using snippet or list view? In snippet, there is a check at the bottom of the sort list to reverse the order. Poorly placed and easily missed. Why I have gone to list view where clicking on any column sorts it the way you want.

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I should have mentioned this is a cross-platform problem. On XP I fixed it by putting ascii text symbols in front of the digits--but the OS X 10.6.8 EN (yeah I know it's old but if I go any higher I'll have to shell out big bucks to upgrade Pro Tools) doesn't follow along, amd I can't find a way to prioritize by tags anywhere in the program.


I very much prefer list view.

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