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(Archived) Features that Evernote really needs

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I just wanna talk about several things that I really need for evernote desktop

  1. show attachment files as a float window! i often use references files for details to my note but i hate having to scroll to the place where i put it especially some notes are very long
  2. Have its own color picker! if you use a retina display or any high definition display, you know what im talking about. the generic color picker in mac is just too small to do anything on it
  3. Save my most used fonts in the dropdown list, i dont really sue fonts that are provided as default and yes you can pick you installed fonts in evernote but why do i have to do that every time!
  4. i wanna cahnge background of note in evernote not using any third party service. i really dont know why is this so difficult for evernote since it like a basic feature of many note apps

to calrify, i really like evernote and it would difficult for me to switch to other apps cuz im so used to it now but i just wish it can be a little better

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