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Import folder failing to delete original file on Windows v 5

Jose Mora

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My Import Folders setting is set to "eliminate" the source file after uploading it into Evernote.  However, the file remains.  The next time I reboot and open Evernote, the same (previously imported) file is uploaded again.


This becomes a problem when I have quite a few files that were not deleted.


Is this a bug?  I am currently using Evernote Windows desktop v. (269392)



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My import folder is working fine - when you put these files in the folder for the first time are they being scanned directly there,  or are they open (or have recently been open) in any other software?  I know Evernote is quick off the mark importing files,  but can't actually delete them if they're locked by other software.  Some programs seem to keep files locked for a long time too - I've sometimes had to close the application down to free up a file it was working on some time ago.

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