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IFTTT and Permanent Images



Hi everyone,


I started using IFTTT as an extremely handy automatic journaling tool by having it send Instagram and FB photos where I'm tagged into an EN note, but one thing concerns/confuses me and I was hoping someone here could provide insight.


My initial understanding of this process was that any time a photo was created that triggered the IFTTT recipe, it would slap that photo in my note where I would have it forever with my other EN content. But there was one FB pic I was tagged in, which was added to my note, that was later removed from FB. To my surprise, it disappeared from my note as well.


This makes me think the photos are just "linked" to outside sources and their existence in my EN account are dependent on whether or not they exist in their original location. That would make its use as a journal tool far less functional.


Is this correct, and is there any way around it? Thanks for any help you can give me. It's easier to get help here than from IFTTT.

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To the best of my knowledge, if you have a picture stored in a note it exists there separately from anywhere else you may have posted it.  If you delete the pic from elsewhere it should not affect your note.  If it did in this case,  it means something else happened...

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Interesting, that's what I had thought initially. Sounds like something else is going on.


I also noticed on this particular note that it doesn't have an image thumbnail despite having many images. Would you know why that might be?


Thanks for your reply!

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Thanks Jackolicious--I'm just now starting to understand what's going on here. So the images I get from IFTTT are not "attachments" like the ones I put in myself. I noticed this because right clicking on one of these images doesn't give me the same options as normal images.


Is there any way to import these so they are regular attachments? Do they just exist as links in the code or something?


Thanks for your reply!

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@Evbro: Did you have a chat with Ifttt?

This issue bugs me alot as well and I really hope Ifttt does something with it. Don't like my notes to become worthless if Instagram (or any other service) changes something about the image location.

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