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(Archived) Is it impossible to share folder with one employee without sync issues?

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I am having serious problems with one shared folder of notes that I have an employee working on. 

Even if I just view it while it is being worked on elsewhere, the notes dont' match up. Sometimes new notes are created. Sometimes conflicting notes are created. 


Anyone have any suggestions how to avoid this? Is there anyway, because right now it seems like shared folders is pointless with two people editing due to these issues.



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The problem you are seeing is based on the fact that Evernote does not have collaborative working. So, if you have more than one person working on a Note you will get 'conflicting Notes'.


Best regards



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At least some kind of locking would be nice. I mean, there's many techniques out there which don't overload the network.

- When one user clicks on the note -> lock.

- if he doesn't edit and clicks on another note -> unlock the first, lock the next one

- another user clicks on a locked note, don't do anything, until the user tries to edit it - notify.


or even realtime collaboration ... ah, so many things lacking here :-(


I'd love to rather see basic stuff like that solved well than a shiny new interface and tons of marketing campaigns within the client.

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It works within the limitations that it's designed with. As noted above, Evernote isn't designed for the type of collaboration you see in something like Google Docs. Evernote does not generally publish its roadmap so we have no way of knowing when or if they will release the type of feature you're looking for.

Best of luck.

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I agree with andreb.  I just don't get how they can market themselves for business and sharing folders when it is impossible to collaborate without errors.   Hopefully a change will come soon. In the mean time my employee and I just have to not work on notes at the same time. Real weak. 

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@megsaint I know they read, I guess they note, but they don't communicate. One of the absolutely WORST thing about EN as a company is that above mentioned "don't publish roadmap". That's *****. There's no visibility of


 - has this already been requested?

 - any votes for this request?

 - any related requests?


I could well live without salesforce integration and without the Market, so, I guess, do many more evernote users. On the other hand, some missing features or "design limitations" as you call them block us from working together - what EN business is supposed to SUPPORT, right?


 - rename business notebooks

 - work on the same document at the same time

 - have a changelog and a proper way to roll back (keyword "audit trail")

 - create links between business notebooks

 - create links TO a business notebook



you name it.


I'm pretty frustrated, to be honest.

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Evernote has said they are not interested in a voting system for feature requests. However, you can search the forums and find related threads to see what other people have requested and what, if any replies Evernote employees have made.

Best of luck.

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