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(Archived) Removing signature from notes that are mailed in



Hi everybody,


I often mail in little ideas or links from my iPhone to my personal Evernote address in order to add a note. Very quick.


But I end up with lots of notes containing my signature.


I would be great to have a filter set up to remove the signature.


Or is it possible to search/replace for several notes at once?




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Once the email has been received into Evernote there's no global find/ replace that I'm aware of..  I'd have a look at your email client - can you set up a secondary identity that doesn't use a signature?  Could you send the email to yourself at a secondary address,  then use a desktop email client + additional apps to strip out the extra data and then forward to Evernote?  

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I once asked the same question of Remember The Milk. It IS different as their use of the structure of the email body is tighter but they have a way of terminating the used text.

It would be nice to have a ":msgends" or similar semantic.

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