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(Archived) Awesome Note task with Evernote note attached

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I'm note sure that's an accurate description.

I've used it for a while and see no way to "attach" a note, and a quick look fails to turn up something I've missed on their website.


I think that notion is a bit of a misnomer.

When Awesome note is linked to your Evernote account.  ALL "Awesome Note" notes ARE Evernote notes.


That is, the folder structure you create in Awesome Note is created in your Evernote (I put them in a stack for tidiness).

If you create a note or task item in Awesome note, it syncs as such to Evernote.

If you copy a note from Evernote into one of the Awesome Note notebooks (within Evernote), and then launch Awesome Note, that note will sync into Awesome note (as a note).


You can open that note in Awesome Note, tap the "info" button and change the note type from Normal to one of "To-do" "Diary" "Anniversary".

But Reminder (integrated iOS Reminders) and Event (integrated iOS Calendar items), are greyed out and not selectable.


So that is to say you can turn an existing Evernote into an Awesome Note to-do.

That gives all the To-do-ish functionality (checkboxes with reminders) within Awesome Note, but the caveat is that doesn't mean there's any integration with iOS Reminders, or Evernote Reminders.  In fact you can't even click the Awesome Note Checkboxes on the Evernote side (though you can check Evernote checkboxes on the Awesome Note side).  The Awesome Note checkbox is a line of structured text at the bottom:


| Style : Background0, Font0, Size16 |
| To-do : Incomplete |
If you create a "Reminder" or "Event" in Awesome Note, those don't sync into Evernote, but the native iOS apps.
I see no way to create an Attachment for these items.  Just as you cannot in the native iOS apps.
Awesome Note To-Do's and Notes can have attachments, but Evernote is not a supported type.  Rather the supported types are:
  • images from Camera/Camera+
  • Photos from the camera roll
  • Location taken from the map app
  • A drawing (internal function)
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Damn. That would have been so awesome. If anyone at Evernote is watching, this is the next step. To have all your calendar appointments and tasks on the same screen with quick links or embedded notes would be the trifecta.


Thanks for your response cwb.

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