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Skitch for Mac 2.7 Beta

Joe Lopez


Hey all,


We have a public beta for Skitch for Mac 2.7!


VERY important info to read before you download:

  • This is a BETA version, so it might contain some issues and/or behave oddly on your Mac depending on your setup. It is highly advised that you do NOT run the beta and a currently shipping version (or previous beta) of Skitch on the same Mac in the same account as this can cause unexpected behavior.
    • If you want to ensure the best beta experience then delete any previous version of Skitch from your Mac before running the beta. Those who auto-update to the beta will have their version of Skitch replaced. Just make sure you delete any other betas. 
  • If you are running a beta version of Mavericks, please make sure you are running the latest build. As previous versions have their own quirks that may interfere with Skitch.

2.7 caveats:

  • There is a problem with the way OS X handles multi-page PDFs. It may cause a multi-page PDF to not display an annotation when you first draw it requiring you to save and the reopen the PDF in Skitch in order to see the annotation. Apple knows about this issue and is working to solve it in a future patch. There is nothing we can do about this, but it doesn't always happen, so you may not experience it.
  • If you are running Mavericks and you have a Retina Mac hooked up to a T-Bolt display, and you drag a region capture between the two monitors, the crosshair region may not show on the second monitor. When you release your cursor you will still capture a region, but the mouse and region shading are failing to show. We're working on a fix for this.
  • If you are running Mavericks and you have two monitors connected, the timed screen shot will only count down on your primary screen and will just snap on release on the second screen.
  • If you are running Mavericks and you have two monitors connected and do a full screen snap, it will only capture the screen where the Skitch app is running. Ex: If you move the Skitch window to screen #2 it will capture that screen, if you move the window to screen #1 it will capture a full screen there.

What's changed:

  • Mavericks compatibility
  • New app logo and branding for Skitch
  • Refreshed the Skitch app window to improve usability
  • Grouped all Evernote related functions (Login, Account Information, and Library)
  • Grouped all image output functions (Name, output file type, Drag Me, and image size)
  • Redesigned toolbar  - Updated the design look and made the sub-tools part of the same toolbar space. This was done to minimize any overlay on top of the content window. 
  • Separated Color and Size selectors
  • Added ability to pin a sub-menu on the Toolbar to stay open
  • Updated Skitch Markup Engine which means better stability and performance
  • Fixed some issues that might have caused Skitch to use discreet graphics instead of integrated. What this means is we're App Nap compatible now, and should consume very little power. 
  • Lots of bug fixes
Where to get it:
If you are using the Skitch direct download version (from our site) then you can go to:
Or you can download the beta here.

And one last time: Please do not try to run the beta and existing versions of Skitch (or other betas) at the same time. This can cause a wide variety of weird issues. Please make sure to delete any old version before running the beta.

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