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(Archived) Safari Links in Evernote (Work around)


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I have been a proponent of asking Evernote to stop using an internal browser for links in iOS, but rather to send us out to Safari. The reason? I prefer a filtered internet solution and use SafeEyes Mobile as my browser and have Safari turned off on my iPhone. Yet Evernote actually keeps it open because any link can be used within evernote and thereby making the internet unfiltered again. There are quite a few proponents of asking Evernote to turn off the internal browser, or creating a switch so the links aren't followed (The SmartEver App has created a switch to turn off links for those who want it).


As a workaround, iOS 7 now allows for a stronger filtering of Safari. You can filter out adult sites, you can have an "always allow" and "never allow" list of sites (white list and black list) as well as a feature that is "only allow". From my perspective, it's not as strong of a filtering system as SafeEyes (www.internetsafety.com, or www.covenanteyes.com), but it does allow the use of Evernote again.


Currently, I'm testing the "only allow" sites out. But it actually steps in an has the same filtering on all other browsers on the system. I can't login to my fidelity app right now, nor my AT&T app. So, obviously it's not a long-term fix. But I'm playing with it to see where it leads. 


I would still love to see Evernote at least apply a switch - either online, or at minimal in the app itself, to not allow the app to follow links without sending you to Safari instead. There are a lot of reasons for this - not the least of which are kid safety and shared folders/accounts, etc.

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