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(Archived) Get screenshot image file from web clipper

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Feature request: Add a "Get file" below Share and Save (or next to "Open in Evernote") in the Evernote Web Clipper.


Reason: Usually when I take a screenshot of a website, I just want the file asap so I can upload or embed it where I need it – which is always never on Facebook or saved deep in some virtual scrapbook, but almost always in some email reply or offline document I'm in the middle of composing. None of the current options for saving or sharing screenshots are even a little helpful.


One of the big reasons I still use Dropbox and Google Drive for all my collaboration is that it's such a hassle to get anything back out of Evernote in a format that's ready to go. It gets on the way of work flow. However, the difficulties built in to getting a simple image file out of the Web Clipper, reaches a whole new level of getting in the way.


I'll disable the web clipper for now, and use Diigo's Awesome Screenshot instead. But in almost every ohter way I prefer Evernote/Skitch, so I hope this changes.

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Interesting idea, thanks for the suggestion, we'll look into that one. 


I can suggest a workflow that works for me:

- Take the screenshot and annotate as you see fit

- Click the Share button instead of save

- Click the email icon 

- Enter recipients and hit send


Recipients will receive the screenshot embedded as an Evernote note.  

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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