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(Archived) Security Risk iOS


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Evernote doesn't hide the last screen from the iOS 7 task manager. Even with a configured PIN code, someone could see the last page you have watched in evernote. 

And if that contains confidential data, this data can be accessed without knowing your pin code.


Those screenshots are also saved on the iOS disk. This is used for the animated transition between applications. When you switch from one to another. 


There are ways to hide / blackout those screenshots. 


Dropbox for example is doing that differently. When you set a screenshot, they don't show the last screen in the TASK manager. And they also remove / replace it on the disk.

So before the app goes into the background, or is closed, they replace the file with a generic screenshot. 


Please take a look at the attached picture.


I already sent this to the support team. I just wanted to post it here for public awareness. So that everyone knows about this problem.


PS: I know how to workaround the problem for now, but if an app offers built in security, it should take care of that on its own in my opinion.


Kindest regards



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Although Evernote should correct the oversight and you said you do know the "workaround", I think it's important to note for anyone else who's reading this that, in order to keep all the information on your phone safe, you should use a passcode. 

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