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(Archived) Evernote Passphase

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I want to know when I encrypt a sentence in evernote is the passphase saved in evernote? or are the bits in that field changed according to my passphase so that they can be decrypted using my passphase later. Kindly provide accurate information.


2. Is there any way that information in evernote encrypted using passphase be unlocked without passphase. 


thank you

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Evernote has stated that they cannot recover information encrypted with Evernote.

It is entirely your responsibility to remember the passphrase.

i understand that evernote will not recover. but what I need to know is whather is the decryption key is saved in evernote or is my passphase the decryption key. 

because I wouldnt like it if my passphase is stored in the note somewhere it self.

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