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(Archived) Opening notes in Skitch has changed on iPad


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I used to be able to view a regular web clipped note in Evernote on my iPad and open it in Skitch. This process created a PDF from the note which I could then use in Knitting Companion. I have tried since the update and it would appear that this functionality has been removed and now I have to add an extra couple of steps using 

PDFmyURL.com to get a PDF version of a free online knitting pattern, as well as save it to Evernote.


Am I missing something?




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@kiwinessie - Skitch PDF annotation functionality was removed for the 3.0 launch, but will be back in the near future. However this conversion functionality might take longer.


If you have a Mac you can simply go to your web clipped Note, and select the Markup icon and then choose "Markup Entire Note as a PDF"

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