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hello. i am new here so please forgive if i am in the wrong area. i think i love evernote! but I am still learning how I can implement it. I need to use it to track all my email conversations, all of the documents and other things that I will need to provide to my attorney come the time we go to court in regards to child custody matters. I would also like to use another notebook just for 'life' and to record things.


the problem being, I need to get a lot of emails that are saved in yahoo into evernote. I started to use gmail about 5 months ago and i need those all to be put into evernote too. I have tried all the script aps and such but i have only been able to get 52 emails to sync/be sent to evernote.


Can someone please help me understand how to do this? for past and future emails. also, i tried to reset the en email as i was advised in another post to do. i went into gmail to change the filters. that was about 5 hours ago and i still have not gotten the verification email from gmail in en.


thanks for and and all the help you can lend!

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Getting all your emails into Evernote isn't (in my opinion) necessarily the best thing to do,  unless you're selectively saving only the stuff you'll need for your court case.  And diverting all your emails would not be a good idea,  because Evernote isn't an email client.  You can't easily read or reply to emails directly from Evernote,  though you can store a finished email thread.  Having said which,  if you're depending on emails for a court case,  do not under any circumstances leave them stored on a web server that might have a conniption fit at any time.


To add to complications here,  your Android can't read as many file formats as a Windows desktop,  so you may not be able to read your notes properly on the Android.


Getting emails into Evernote however shouldn't be too hard.  Try both the web clipper and Clearly - they're meant to clip web pages,  but that's how your Yahoo mails are displayed.  You can also "print" your emails to PDF files which will attach to Evernote notes,  or Forward,  Send,  CC or BCC emails to your Evernote email address to get them added as notes.


I suggest you try all the different options on one email to see how it looks in the various notes,  and pick the method which gives you best visibility of the relevant contents.  But again - you can't reply to emails from Evernote,  so don't delete all your originals - you might want to hit the reply button one more time.


I hope that helps - a lot depends on how you plan to organise your paperwork,  and that has to be your system- so try your various options and see which suits you best.  Good luck!

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