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(Archived) Trying to restore "I am trying to get the "Exiting Evernote will disable all clipping functionality. Do you want to continue?" dialog when exiting


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I am trying to get the "Exiting Evernote will disable all clipping functionality. Do you want to continue?" dialog to display again when I exit Evernote. I accidentally clicked the "Do not show this message again" check box in the dialog, and now want to revert that change.


I am using Evernote (269436), Windows 7, 64-bit.


Re-installing, per the tech chat, did nothing. There isn't an option in the interface to restore the quit confirmation...


I need to get that re-enabled. Can anyone help?


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Hi vogelap, :)

It certainly is possible to restore that message.

To do so, you will have to delete a registry entry.

Evernote stores confirmation message suppressions in the form of a Registry entry, and when a particular entry exists, then the message is suppressed.

The particular key you are looking for is:


There are two ways to do this:

1. Manual deletion of the key

2. Use my app ENRegEd to change the setting, avoiding the use of the registry.

Both options will require you to exit Evernote completely via File -> Exit

If this isn't done and any part of EN is still running, then it will overwrite the changes you make.

More info on the registry keys:




Since I am constantly messing with the registry keys, this is a message I have suppressed a long time ago :P


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Thank you for the reply, Scott, and for the very useful tool. Your ENRegEd certainly fixed the immediate issue; thank you. I do think that the confirmation should be editable via the Evernote UI and hope it will be made to do so.


Thank you for your message and for such a useful utility!

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You're welcome, glad to help, and glad ENRegEd is getting some use other than me :P

(I can't really tell if people use it or not, so hearing you found it useful is encouraging to hear :))

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