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(Archived) Penultimate in Evernote iOS


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One thing that would change Evernote and Penultimate for the better for me would be to just put Penultimate in the Evernote app, just as you have done with Skitch. I'm sure there are users of Evernote who don't want Penultimate bloating their app (just like I don't really want Skitch to be honest - if I use it on my Penultimate notes accidentally, I have to delete and reinstall Evernote) so it should be done like an in app purchase.


Basically, this would solve the folder problem in Penultimate (currently, there isn't one), it would prevent the app switching and the brain freeze moment when I have to think "is the thing I want in Evernote or Penultimate?"


Evernote and Penultimate are great for productivity, but combine them and the effect on productivity could be extraordinary.

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