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(Archived) Plans to sync immediately?

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Depending on which OS you're using Evernote from,  and whether or not it's the web version,  you may have the option to change the sync interval in settings.  Otherwise there's always manual sync - and I wouldn't think that there are any plans to enforce a sync after every note - that would massively slow down anything more than the odd edit...

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I thought I could only auto sync every 15 minutes?


Yes, that's true, at least in the Windows client.  Perhaps using the Web version might be your best option, particularly since a sync is effectively not required as you are modifying the database directly.


Is there a particular reason why you need instant syncs?  It's not really EN's forte to be used as a live collaboration tool (if that is your goal) - a service like Google Drive might suit you better.

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    I love Evernote but a major drawback for me is that it will only sync every 15 minutes. Are there any plans to make Evernote sync immediately after adding or editing a note? Thanks!

Doubtful. EN works with an upload limit. Most people aren't going to want a note they are working on to be uploaded every minute, regularly eating away at their monthly upload allotment.

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