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(Archived) Common navigation tree with Notebooks + Tags unusable


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My setup is to have few main Notebooks like "Work" and "Home" and mainly use tags for classifying things.


With the web client I can select the "Work" notebook and now move freely through tags ==> my results are filtered accordingly: See only work items searched by tags :-)


With the Windows client, when I select "Work" notebook as soon I select some tag, my Search switches back to "All notebooks" - this is NOT what I wanted :-((

Yes, I can use CTRL-Click to selectively select tags while keeping Notebook "Work" selected , but this is really, really awkward.


Notebooks and Tags should be different UI controls to operate independently. The actual implementation in 5.02. is useless to me personally so I will have to stick to the Web-client :-(


Is there any way out??

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Well, how shall this help? With selected notebook "Work" I can set "Search Current Context" but if I select some tags, the context is changed by that selection. This helps only when applying search strings.

Filtering notes from the left pane should work like this (at least for me):


User-Action: select notebook  N1                         -> all notes of notebook N1 are shown

User-Action: CTRL-select 2 tags { T1, T2 }          -> all notes of notebook N1 are shown that have tags T1 and T2 assigned

User-Action: CTRL-select notebook N2               -> all notes of notebook N2 are shown that have tags T1 and T2 assigned

User-Action: select notebook N1                          -> all notes of notebook N2 AND N1 are shown that have tags T1 and T2 assigned 


So selections between notebooks and tags are independly, each applied to another. This would makes navigation through results a breeze - currently its a pain. Note that currently selecting a different notebook completely deletes the tag selection. This is absolutely awful: If you have GTD tags defined, select some you are interested in and now like to click through some notebooks you have to select the tags over and over again.


I know that this can be done by saved searches and current context on the right side, but when you are in "ad hoc" review mode you not want to type and save searches.


Obviously the developers work differently with Evernote, otherwise it was not designed like this.. 

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