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(Archived) Clip Screenshot AND keep the source URL: not possible??

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Hi guys,

I´m new and I can´t find a way to do that. The thing is:

- If I select text on a web page, the url is kept automatically.

- But if I select a "clip" (much more useful, to me) on any web page, I have to enter the URL by hand in Evernote every single time I clip something, which is roya PITA.

Is there any way to make it grab the URL automatically??

Thanks! :)

P.S. Just in case, I´m using the Windows version, XP.

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When you grab part of the screen, we're just getting the raw pixels off of your display for some part of the monitor. I.e. there isn't really any application associated with the clipped region, let alone a particular web URL. For example, you could have two different browser windows open, and clip a rectangle that crosses over both of them.

Unless the precise pixel layout is critical for something you're working on, I think that selecting the desired content within the browser and clipping there is frequently more useful. This gives you better search options, and you can edit/copy/paste from that note again later. The clipped screenshot is just a raw image that loses all of the text and hyperlinks, etc.

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Hey, thanks for the reply.

It´s a pity that this cannot be accomplished. I understand the "just pixels" thing, but I still think it shouldn´t be too difficult to implement: assuming that I´m seeing a single webpage, and there´s no overlapping with other windows, is it really difficult to tell the program to keep the original HTML where the text was embedded? (so you don´t have to care about where the images are located). It´s really useful if you want to revise your notes as quickly as possible (you know, the original layout of a particular web page helps when you´re trying to remember what kind of information you found there, and it´s definitely much quicker than scrolling and readind an unformatted piece of text to find out). You could still find all those links you mentioned just by reopening the original URL (hence my request). :D

Thanks anyway.

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