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(Archived) Feature suggestions: Notebook description and sticky notes

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Hi, there

I don't know if I am missing something. But notebook descriptions only exist for business notebooks.They should exist for personal notebooks too.

(BTW, I have a business account and couldn't figure out where to fill this information.)

There should be a place where one could see quickly what kind of information goes on a particular notebook. Only a quick description. I would expect this kind of information to be in Notebook Properties.


My second suggestion is sticky note, just like wordpress has sticky posts. How am I going to make sure that one note appears at the top for all users? Think of guidelines for a particular notebook, for instance. If people are going to collaborate, then some will mess things up. The notebook creator should be the only one who could change this, just like only administrators can change a facebook group description. You see, I am using analogies with existing services. I know the services have different purposes, but that is beyond the point, I think.




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