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(Archived) Bad dictionaries in Evernote


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I noticed that the English and German dictionaries in Evernote for Windows are very bad compared to the dictionaries used in Evernote for Mac. On the Mac Evernote noticed most of the compound words while on Windows these are indicated as wrong.


There are also some stupid errors:

In German "bzw." is a well known abbreviation for "beziehungsweise" and the German dictionary on Windows already has an entry for this abbreviation. But Evernote thinks that this is the end of an sentence and it marks only the "bzw" without the period as a misspelled word. Then Evernote maximizes its trolling-power and it gives me "bzw." with the missing period as a suggestion.  :lol:


Why are there so big differences between the Mac and the Windows dictionaries? Are you using different 3rd party plugins on both platforms?

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