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(Archived) REQUEST: workspaces

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A useful feature would be to add a workspaces section to the sidebar, where a user could save preferences optimized for different uses of evernote. Such customizations would include which items are appended to the shortcut menu, the way notes are displayed, the sort order for notebooks, and any other preference you can set to optimize your workflow for whatever task is at hand.


Imagine you are working on a project for work. It might be of use to have a set of notebooks, notes and saved searches relevant to the project in the shortcut menu. Perhaps you would like to see the snipit view for notes, and perhaps you want the most current info at the top so you sort notebooks by the date modified. When you get home and want to cook a meal none of that is of interest, you may want the card view, and perhaps some notes that have quick reference like cooking tips, conversions and substitutions or perhaps wine pairings. Wouldn't it be nice if you had way to quickly switch evernote to display your information exactly how you would want it set up at a click of a button? If the preferences had been saved, you could just click on the "cooking" worksapce and switch immediately to the view you want. When you get back to the office in the morning, click the workspace for the project you are working on. As it is now Evernote has an amazing set of features that let you do pretty much anything you want, but it is too cumbersome to actually use those features because each time you move do something new you lose all your customizations and have to reset them up again. 


Please think about adding this feature.

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