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(Archived) Evernote 5 - Copy to Outlook has strange font sizes


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I find that copying notes from Evernote to Outlook has font changes. I just copied a note where the first line is Tahoma 11 Bold and the rest is Tahoma 11. When copied into Outlook 2010, it changes to Tahoma 13.5!

In Evernote, I changed the fist line to Tahoma 14 Bold and the rest to Tahoma 10. When copied to Outlook 2010, the first line becomes Tahoma 17.5 Bold and the rest of the doc is copied over as Tahoma 13.5.
I changed the whole note to Verdana, same font sizes as before. In Outlook, it becomes Verdana 17.5 Bold for the first line and Verdana 13.5 for the body text.
Can Evernote be fixed so that the receiving application gets the same font properties that are in Evernote?
Thanks very much,
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