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(Archived) Bug report: Mac toolbar customizations are not saved.



I am using the Mac Evernote client. I prefer not having any text labels on my toolbars, but when I choose this setting in an open note window, Evernote for Mac forgets my customization when I open future note windows.

The main Evernote window seems to have remembered my setting though.

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Anyone else had an issue getting Excel to save Toolbar customisations? I have personalise and added a couple buttons.They appear to randomly disappear then.I cannot consistently replicate the scenario that deletes them, but after a day or of general activity, including a re-boot or, the tool bar reverts to the standard configuration.

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I'm seeing this also -- it isn't just the text label setting, either. I changed my note toolbar to include the print icon, removed the text labels and picked the small size option. All three of those changes went away when I closed the note and opened a new one. They were also gone when I re-opened the note that I had open when I made the changes.

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Despite the fact that this thread started in March 2009, the issue does not seem to have been fixed. I am experiencing it on the newest version of Evernote for Mac. The toolbar setting is re-set to default every time I open a note in a separate window. This is quite inelegant. I would very much like to see this problem properly addressed by the team.

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