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(Archived) Quick Note on Evernote Mobile

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It would be helpful if a Quick Note link was available at the top of the Evernote Mobile first page (before or right after the Search box), rather than way down a the bottom beneath the recent note list. This would allow me to very quickly access the note-creation page, rather than scrolling clear down to the bottom to do so.



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Thanks for the feedback. When we originally designed this page (for mobile phones), we assigned that option an "accesskey" of "0" so that you could just hit the "0" key on the phone to choose that option and make a note quickly. Because of this accesskey trick, we could move that option further down the page so you wouldn't need to scroll past it every time you looked at a list of notes.

Would you be willing to try hitting the '0' key on your Kindle to see whether that triggers the Quick Note option?


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No. Hitting the zero key on the Kindle doesn't take be to the add note link. It works on my Treo, but the only way to get to it on the Kindle is to step through to the last page and then increment down the final line.


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Is there any way that you could give us WAP users the ability to edit a simple text note, and resave it? If we can create a note through the WAP interface, I would imagine you could put the text in a web form field for us to work with again.

Currently I am able to use the "drafts" folder in my IMAP gmail account to create and save editable messages that are mapped to any browser or client. I'm able to edit saved tasks in remember the milk through WAP browser. Can we have hope of some attention in this area?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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