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(Archived) Suggestion for selecting dates more smoothly


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Right now when you add a Reminder and select a date, it's hard to tell how to make that date selector go away.


The lack of clarity in the UI then makes one wonder if the date was actually selected properly and can lead to more clicking unnecessarily.


Suggestion: implement double-clicking for selecting the date and set the behavior to close the date selector when a date is double-clicked.


Also, after selecting Reminder for the first time, why not replace "Add Date" with the Notify Me selector UI but add an "x" control to the top right to close it and/or allow the user to click anywhere outside that selector to make it go away?


If the person wants a reminder, you've saved them a click.


If they don't, it's the same net clicks in the end.


Lastly, it would be nice if TAB moved you through the Time elements (hrs, then min, then secs, then AM/PM) instead of just hours and then moving you over to the calendar. some people like to keep there hands on the keyboard.   :)


Down the road a huge time-saver would be smart syntax in the subject line of emails and/or the EN note itselef for adding dates to Notes. RememberTheMilk does this well. There are others too.  Computers are "smart" enough to do that now and it would be great to have that in EN!

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