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(Archived) UEX feedback: new note "title" field confusing in Evernote 5 Windows


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I'm very happy to see Evernote 5 for Windows, thanks for the upgrade and generally nicer UEX.  I have to say though one thing is consistently snagging me.


When I create a new note, I am constantly clicking into the "search" field to give a title to my new note (instead of the title field). I do this almost every time without thinking.  I think the chief reasons are:

1) the search field is situated right above the new note and aligns perfectly with the note, and

2) the title field itself is not clearly editable, it just says "Untitled note




Does anyone else have this issue?  I get that it says "Search all notes" but for some reason... I still do it.  

Anyway, I work in software and would appreciate this type of UEX feedback, so there you go.




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This is just one of the issues I have with the new interface.


The search box will shrink as you customize the toolbar by adding icons to it. Unfortunately, you can't see the added icons (only the triple down-arrow) until you maximize the window. Then restoring the window preserves the toolbar icons layout. Hmmm... this needs some work, Evernote.

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