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is there or is there not a word count in the iOS version of Evernote (iPad, iPhone)?

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Please inform me if there is or there is not a word count in the iOS version of Evernote. I am AWARE that there is on the MAC version but I am currently using my iPad and iPhone and need to see a word count if possible. Let me know if it exists. Using ios 6.12 for iPad and iOS 7 on iPhone.


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so strange. i only get info for the following: title, notebook, tags, created, url, location, sync status, attachment status, size, author, history

I think you got it (in the other thread), but the "size" area of that popup dialog will show you the word count. Just to be clear (since this is in an iOS thread), there is no word count feature for iOS.

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Yes, please, the iOS version needs a word count feature. It seems like this comes up again and again in the forums that people would like to see a simple word count feature in the iOS app.

I use Evernote almost exclusively on my iOS devices and this would simplify my application workflow, as I could draft my projects directly into Evernote.

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